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Rounding the Yak Bulls Up

While rounding up the Yak Bulls and Steers to move to another pasture. This guy decided to come and visit me while waiting for his turn in the trailer.

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Textures of Seoul: Yak Butter

A trip to Mongolia brings a surprising taste of Yak butter. Read one’s story about a trip to Mongolia that brings memories back to making fresh butter.

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9 Hidden Toxins Lurking in Your Food

Article by Dr. Mercola

This article speaks about the dangers in our everyday foods and cooking products. Check out Dr. Mercola’s comments. Note the “grassfed beef ” comments!

Here is the link Read the entire article. It’s worth it.

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Yak Babies

Two new yak babies were born. 103Y gave us her first baby last Thursday August 13th. A cute black trim with a lot of energy right at the get go. 76Y gave us her 4th baby last Monday August 17th. Mostly black with just a blaze. Right now he/she looks blacks, but we hope to see that gold hue here in the next couple of months. This is O044 first baby he has sired since putting him “out to pasture” last winter.

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