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Rounding up the Golden Royal Herd

Yesterday we rounded up the Golden Royal Herd. Beautiful day it was and went very smooth. Separated the mommas from their babies with no problem. They enjoyed the little bit of a break, while we tagged their babies. We have 7 new babies; 4 Golden Royals, 2 Black Royals with a gold gene, and 1 Golden Trim. 3 are Bulls and 4 are female.

We brought home the 2 Black Royals to bottle feed. They are doing great today and have made great friends with Kota, the ever present border collie. She makes a great mom.

We also pulled our halter trained Golden Trim Cow, Golden Fire. Time for a little refresher course. It won’t take much. She already proved out in the pasture that she will follow us anywhere, as she kept getting in the way when we were sorting babies and mommas. Little rascal! We ended up putting her in the stock trailer just to get her out of the way.

She will be going to the wool show with us in October, along with the two bottle babies and possibly Whitey. Old Friends, those two.

Will keep you updated!

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