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Video of Yak meat Burger and how it tastes

Yak meat is a naturally ultra-lean dark red meat (95% to 97% fat free overall) and is still very juicy due to it’s high percentages of Omega 3 oils, CLA’s ( Conjugated Linoleic Acids ), Oleic Acids,and Stearic Acids, (35% higher than beef as a percentage of fats that are good for us). At the same time, Yak meat is very low in Palmitic Acid which is bad for us (30% less than beef as a percentage of fats, and 120% less than beef as a percentage of meat).

If you cook Yak meat right (medium rare to rare) you will taste the exquisite flavor and tenderness that is Yakmeat.

In this video, you can see that the Yak meat is well done. Do not try Yak meat this way, no matter the cut! It ruins the flavor and experience. In our experience with blind taste test, Yak meat always won over other quality meats. Yak meat is a sweet and delicately flavored red meat. Yak is juicier than buffalo and elk, and never gamey. It is lighter tasting than beef, never greasy. This all-natural premium lean meat is never bland or mushy. You will love it……… But only if you are willing to try it!!

Yaks Meat. from andre 3000 on Vimeo.

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